Microsoft white paper: Windows devices are safer, more productive than Android devices

The school year is underway, and you may still be shopping for the right device – or doing early research for the holidays. Or, you’re in a government agency trying to figure out the best way to incorporate tablets into your workplace. A recent white paper from Microsoft comparing Android and Windows devices may help you with those decisions: it shows Windows devices are the way to go.

As the Microsoft in Education blog shares, Windows devices offer: “better security, a more productive experience for users and an improved ability for IT to manage mobile devices within the boundaries of existing PC cost structure and technical infrastructure.”

In comparing the two systems, the paper looks at four areas critical to the public sector and education: ease of use, security, productivity and lifecycle. It reveals that Android devices are a risk because of the ecosystem’s fragmentation and updating difficulties. On the other hand, “Windows devices offer the path of least resistance for adoption of tablets for any organization that is serious not only about achieving mobility benefits, but also securing valuable (and often confidential) business information and controlling the IT costs.”

Download the paper and read more about it from the Microsoft in Education blog.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff