Go from cocktail-napkin mockups to pixel perfection with Blend for Visual Studio 2013

The good news: A designer just sent an awesome design for a new app. The bad news: You need to bring it to life. It’s a scenario that just about every developer has faced or will face – even when the awesome design idea is their own! But suffer no more. Blend for Visual Studio 2013 is here.

Blend is a response to developers’ pleas for an easier way, and with Blend for Visual Studio 2013 you’ll find new tools that help you take designs from doodle to polished apps that are ready to impress.

The Visual Studio Blog gives this example: Say you want an image to be exactly 300 pixels wide, but your asset is 260 pixels wide and you plan to skew it horizontally until it’s the right width. Do you dust off your trigonometry skills? No, you call on your new developer buddy, Blend.

Learn more about Blend’s rulers, guides and snapping features in this post on The Visual Studio Blog. And tell your designers to bring it on!

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Deborah Pisano
Microsoft News Center Staff