Website connects the dots on Microsoft’s Cloud OS vision

On Monday, Microsoft launched the updated Cloud OS vision website – a resource for developers, IT professionals, architects, managers and folks like us who want to gain a better understanding of Microsoft’s cloud offerings.

Microsoft Senior Marketing Manager Amber Kinney is on the team that helped to bring the site to life.

“Delivering relevant, timely and accurate information on Microsoft products isn’t an easy chore,” said Kinney in an interview on the Server & Cloud Blog. “We have been working hard to improve the experience at in order to provide excellent information on the Microsoft Cloud OS vision.”

One way they’ve improved this experience is through a set of cross-product solution pages that align to the most commonly searched industry terms. This not only connects customers to what they’re looking for, it connects the dots between solutions and Microsoft products such as Windows Server, SQL Server and Windows Azure.

The site is also designed for an optimal viewing experience, which means you can view Microsoft’s Cloud OS site from any device, including smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Explore Microsoft’s Cloud OS vision site today, and for more on the story behind the site, check out this interview with Kinney on the Server & Cloud Blog.

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Deborah Pisano
Microsoft News Center Staff