Shell Brazil to fuel productivity and lower costs using Windows Phone devices

Microsoft Brazil and Shell announced on Tuesday that Windows Phone devices will support the entire sales force of Shell’s distribution network in Brazil, bringing their total number of devices to approximately 300 in 2013. Shell selected the Nokia Lumia 520 and the Lumia 920, citing cost benefits and security as drivers.

A press release on Microsoft News Center states that adoption of the Windows Phone 8 devices enabled Shell to significantly lower costs – a savings the company did not see as achievable with iOS devices they had also considered.

Shell has already seen productivity improvements with the phones deployed to date. Software updates that required individual installation for each device in the past can now run through their server for automatic updates, saving a bundle of time for all involved.

Shell also invested in a sales force automation solution that will help increase data analysis resources for their team. Microsoft solutions partner Blink Systems developed the application, which provides Shell distributors with a tool that streamlines searches, accelerates ordering and is easy to use. It’s all part of Shell’s strategy to increase productivity for its distributor network by providing better-equipped devices. With the incorporation of this Windows Phone-based app, their network is now easier to use and more efficient.

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Deborah Pisano
Microsoft News Center Staff