Great news for Ubuntu fans: Windows Azure is now fully supported by Juju

On Tuesday, the Windows Azure blog announced that Ubuntu users can now use Juju to design and instantly deploy sophisticated application infrastructures into Windows Azure.

“As part of our commitment to openness and interoperability, we’re excited to announce that Windows Azure is now fully supported by Juju,” writes Venkat Gattamneni, a senior product marketing manager for Windows Azure.

The post states that the latest Ubuntu Certified images for all supported Ubuntu releases are currently available on Windows Azure, delivered with fast, highly available local archives to keep you up to date.

Juju support on Windows Azure means users can deploy more than 100 services (Juju Charms) onto Windows Azure Ubuntu instances.

For more of the story, head over to the Windows Azure blog, and read this blog post from the Juju team at Canonical.

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Deborah Pisano
Microsoft News Center Staff