New Linkin Park single now available on Xbox Music

On Monday, Linkin Park released its latest single on Xbox Music. A collaboration with Steve Aoki (center in the photo above), “A Light That Never Comes” will stream exclusively for 14 days on Microsoft’s all-in-one music service.

Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda (left) wrote about the release in an Xbox Wire blog post.

“As the founding member of a band that turns down more partnerships than we approve, I wanted to shed some light on Linkin Park and Microsoft, and let you know how we see the future,” he wrote to fans.

The catalyst for the relationship with Microsoft was gaming, he said. Years ago, the band held legendary Xbox tournaments on its tour bus playing “Halo”— competitions that often included fans and other bands.

“Gaming and Xbox, however, were just the introduction,” Shinoda said. “It wasn’t the thing that got me interested in Windows. Recently, my band mates and I had the opportunity to release a fantastic piece of music-making software that we co-developed for Windows called Stagelight, which takes full advantage of touchscreens on Windows 8 devices.”

With new touch-enabled Windows devices, Shinoda saw a potential for the future of music writing, recording and mixing, and envisioned the computers as the hub of the studio environment, augmenting or replacing the classic mixing consoles that currently take up large amounts of studio space.

“As we met various people at Microsoft, I was inspired by the passion and creativity behind their innovations,” he said. “We see our partnership with Microsoft to have the potential of finding new ways of creating, sharing and experiencing things together as a community.”

Head on over to Xbox Wire to see the rest of what Shinoda had to say. And for the single, check out the Xbox 360 dashboard and online at to listen and see behind-the-scenes footage.

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Steve Clarke
Microsoft News Center Staff