Updated Dev Center app and financial reporting released for Windows Phone developers

The Windows Phone Developer blog announced a few updates on Friday that will make developers’ lives a little easier: a new release of the Dev Center app, an updated financial summary report, and several reliability improvements for reporting and app submission in the Dev Center.

The updated Dev Center app delivers an even better way to track your app downloads, crashes, reviews and revenue information directly from your Windows Phone. The update introduces new developer-requested features, such as filtering of reviews by market and status tracking for your current app submissions.

According to the Windows Phone Blog, the Dev Center financial summary now shows the amount of proceeds developers have earned but have not yet been paid. The post notes that this is not the amount of your next payment, as only part of those funds will be available. Another change to the financial summary that will be welcomed is that it now shows status of the last payment, so you can confirm whether your payment was successful or see if you need to update your information.

Get details and related links in this post on the Windows Phone Developer Blog.

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Deborah Pisano
Microsoft News Center Staff