Sony launches VAIO | Flip PC – part laptop, part tablet, part viewer

The Sony VAIO | Flip PC that launched Wednesday is ready to go, however you need it. Use it as a tablet to browse the Web from your couch, a laptop to write an email or type a paper, and a viewer when you want to watch a movie on a plane. Sony added a unique second hinge to the display to ensure it would easily flip and transform as quickly as your needs.

The VAIO | Flip PC is a powerhouse, driven by Intel’s latest fourth-generation processor (up to Core i7) and optional NVIDIA graphics. Pair that with the TRILUMINOS HD display, and you have a fantastic venue for watching movies and TV shows.

Head on over to the Windows Experience post for more on the VAIO | Flip PC and to find out about other Sony devices launching on Wednesday.

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Steve Clarke
Microsoft News Center Staff