The journey of ‘Ryse: Son of Rome’ from early prototypes to Xbox One launch title

In a guest post over on Xbox Wire, Brian Chambers and Patrick Esteves from Crytek share their perspective on how “Ryse: Son of Rome” evolved from an Xbox 360 exclusive built around Kinect-controlled combat to an Xbox One launch title primarily played with a controller.

“Ryse” began as a first-person game, with Crytek working on how they could blend that perspective with the potential of Kinect. That led to three prototype versions of the game: one played exclusively with Kinect, one that combined Kinect and a controller and one that played with a controller (and showed the lead character, Marius, on screen). Every version had its fans at Crytek, but over time the preference was clearly leaning toward the controller-based prototype that showed Marius on screen. Since that was also more compatible with Crytek’s increasing focus toward a more cinematic, character-led experience, they presented the reinterpretation of the game to folks at Microsoft, who shared their excitement and agreed that this was the right approach for “Ryse.”

The move to Xbox One was a combination of the fact that the change in the game’s perspective would require more time to finish, and because “Ryse” was developing into a very high-end, next-gen game.

For more details on this transition, and well as more information on combat within the game itself, check out this Xbox Wire blog post.

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Jennifer Chen
Microsoft News Center Staff