Making a small-footprint device? New Board Support Packages help you hit the ground running

If you’re going to make a small-footprint device or even a “virtual device,” you need a Board Support Package, better known as a BSP. Windows Embedded Compact 2013 comes with three BSPs in the box, and while those are great offerings, partners fill out the BSP landscape to enable a lot more hardware options.

In the first three months since the release of Windows Embedded Compact 2013, platform partners added 18 more BSPs, and many more are in the works. So where do you find all of them? The Windows Embedded team has created a searchable catalog, plus you can find a few notable BSPs highlighted on the latest Windows Embedded blog.

In addition, the Windows Embedded Compact 2013 full toolset is available for free download. If you’re thinking about bringing a new compact device to market or you’re just prototyping for now, you can speed up the process with these tools and a BSP partner.

You may also want to register for the upcoming webinar, where you’ll learn about developing Windows Embedded Compact 2013-based devices in Visual Studio 2012.

For even more info check out the Windows Embedded blog post.

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Steve Clarke
Microsoft News Center Staff