Worried about malicious apps? Here’s some good news from Windows Phone

A release from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security about malware threats on mobile phones sparked some anxiety for smartphone users. As long as there are unscrupulous characters out there, there will be malware. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be a target.

As Windows Phone Blog Editor Michael Stroh reports, malware hasn’t been much of an issue for Windows Phone customers. That’s because Microsoft takes specific and consistent measures to help guard customers against malware. He highlights just a few of them:

  • The Windows Phone Store is the exclusive consumer source of Windows Phone apps. This helps ensure the quality of the apps that show up in our Store, and on your phones.
  • Every app is tested and certified by Microsoft, so you can feel confident when you download one from the Windows Phone Store. We review every app that developers submit for potential malware and performance issues.
  • No system is perfect, but if we discover a malicious app, we remove it.

Take a look at the Windows Phone Blog for more of the story, including how to report a suspicious app and how you can help keep your phone secure.

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Deborah Pisano
Microsoft News Center Staff