Hear the difference – Xbox One will use Skype’s audio codec

One of the things we all have to look forward to with Xbox One is the incredible improvement made to voice chat with the integration of Skype’s audio codec. Not only does the codec have a proven track record of high-quality voice through billions of hours of use through Skype, in Xbox One it also has dedicated audio processing for conversations via Skype and multiplayer party chats.

Bottom line, Xbox One offers higher quality voice chat with the Xbox One Chat Headset compared to Xbox 360, whether you’re chatting in-game or through party chat with Skype on Xbox One.

Additionally, the Xbox One wireless controller’s new expansion port dramatically expands the data transfer rate between the controller and console, rendering speech at 24 KHz PCM – three times the rendering sample rate and a 50 percent capture rate improvement over Xbox 360 headsets. In combination with Skype’s audio codec, this enables crystal-clear digital audio with the Xbox One Chat Headset, which comes with every Xbox One console.

Listen to the difference yourself over at Xbox Wire.

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Jennifer Chen
Microsoft News Center Staff