Racing simulator adds full motion to the mix

If you’re really into racing games on your PC, you may have a multi-display setup, a wheel, maybe even some pedals. That gives you wrap-around visuals, car-like controls and force feedback. Not bad, but you may wonder what could boost the realism even further. Chris Stevenson asked that question and started tinkering, and the result is a Windows-based full-motion racing simulator that Chris calls “Project E.B.T.R.” – for “everything but the rims.”

Watch the video above to see the experience, and head over to the Extreme Windows Blog to find out why Stevenson favors games like “Dirt3” from Codemasters, how he built Project E.B.T.R., what’s behind the graphics of its very fluid and realistic panoramic gameplay experience, and more.

And watch for Stevenson’s simulator at gaming events. It’s been showcased at PAX Prime, PAX Prime East, GeForce LAN 6, PDXLAN, and Intel LAN-fest events. For more information and to find out about renting this baby, see the Project E.B.T.R. website.

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Steve Clarke
Microsoft News Center Staff