Build your app once, run it anywhere: PaaS for the modern Web arrives

In developing the soon-to-arrive R2 Wave, Microsoft engineers closely examined what organizations need and want from the cloud. One theme they repeatedly heard was the desire to build an app once and have that app be able to live in any data center or cloud. Good news: That functionality is now here.

Corporate Vice President for Windows Server and System Center Brad Anderson writes, “Whether your app is in a private, public or hosted cloud, the developers and IT Professionals in your organization will have consistency across clouds.”

The net: Organizations can take advantage of Platform as a Service (PaaS) without being locked into a cloud.

“This is huge!” says Anderson. “Over the last two years the market has really began to grasp what PaaS has to offer, and now the benefits (auto-scale, agility, flexibility, etc.) are easily accessible and consistent across the private, hosted and public clouds Microsoft delivers.”

This post, which is the last of a 9-part series on “What’s new in 2012 R2,” focuses on Web Sites for Windows Azure and how this high-density Web site hosting delivers a truly “next-gen” level of power, functionality and consistency. Take a look at the In the Cloud blog for a detailed overview.

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Deborah Pisano
Microsoft News Center Staff