Visit strange new worlds and inflict maximum damage in Bungie Studios’ ‘Destiny’ for Xbox

In a new video documentary entitled “Out Here in the Wild,” Bungie Studios gives gamers an in-depth exploration of “Destiny,” the eagerly anticipated first-person shooter featuring strange (and often hostile) creatures, weapons with awesome names like “Thunderlord” and new cooperative and multiplayer capabilities.

If panoramic shots of desolate and mountainous landscapes on far away alien worlds gets you excited, then “Destiny” will be the game for you.

“The number one priority was to make a world that people want to be in,” says Christopher Barrett, art director at Bungie Studios, in the documentary.

Players can build their characters (and their characters’ legends) from the ground up, choosing their character class, race, their look and more, then take them on a journey across the solar system to the moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn.

Watch the video above and then check out this post on Xbox Wire.

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Jeff Meisner
Microsoft News Center Staff