OneNote to rule schoolwork, OneNote to find lectures, OneNote to bring it all together

If you’re a student, your school year is about to begin – if it hasn’t already – so this is a great time to get a handle on your classes, assignments and notes before the work really piles on. OneNote can keep you on top of it all.

William Devereux, a computer science student at California State University and OneNote summer intern, describes on the OneNote Blog how he used the software to keep track of all his lectures notes throughout his entire college career in a single notebook.

Here’s a great hint he has for underclassmen who want to follow his lead: “A lot of my time is spent on the Current Assignments page, since it’s where I keep track of the due dates for assignments, required reading, and other notes. The assignments are organized by date and they’re checked off as they’re completed. Once the assignment has been turned in, it is removed from the page.”

Read the rest of his post on the OneNote Blog to see how you can use OneNote to handwrite notes, record lectures (video or audio), and import all kinds of files into OneNote (such as those used in PowerPoint and Excel).

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff