See what ‘Kinect Sports Rivals’ can do with your digital DNA

Check out the video above to see the Rare team discuss and demo the amazing upcoming “Kinect Sports Rivals” title for Xbox One. You’ll see how you will be able to create your own virtual in-game athlete, or champion, to play in sports like tennis, wake racing and rock climbing.

You’ll see how use of advanced Kinect for Xbox One technology means the game can capture minute details of how you look and move, resulting in exciting realism and response as you play a wide range of sports with other gamers.

This week at gamescom, Rare and the Xbox team gave fans their first-ever hands-on gameplay with “Kinect Sports Rivals.” Head over to the Xbox Wire post for screenshots and an interview with Danny Isaac, “Kinect Sports Rivals,” executive producer.

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Steve Clarke
Microsoft News Center Staff