Here comes a crash course in 3D printing support for Windows 8.1

If 3D printing makes your heart beat a little faster, you’ll probably appreciate Extreme Windows Blog’s overview of new manufacturing specifications and features developed for Windows 8.1, and how these new features can create a bounty of opportunities for all kinds of folks, such as consumers, professionals, hardware manufacturers, and software developers. Windows 8.1 is the world’s first operating system to offer comprehensive built-in support for 3D printing.

The blog post’s writer, Gavin Gear, tried out 3D printing end-to-end using SolidWorks 2013 and multiple 3D printers for a few projects, including an SD card.

“What I discovered during this design and manufacturing exercise is that 3D printers aren’t just for fun and games (don’t get me wrong, they are tons of fun) they are also very practical,” Gear writes.

The biggest takeaway from his article is that 3D printing in Windows 8.1 is going to feel very familiar to people who print documents every day. “The fact that 3D printing in Windows is built on the well-tested Windows 2D print infrastructure translates to a consistent printing experience, great reliability, and a consistent developer experience for apps and devices,” he writes.

For all the details on 3D printing support for Windows 8.1 and to watch a demo printing a 3D model from a Windows Store App to a 3D Systems Cube 2 printer on Windows 8.1 Preview, read the full article on the Extreme Windows Blog.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff