‘Project Spark’ shows off personalized voice and motion capture

At gamescom, Team Dakota revealed several innovative features for future “Project Spark” creators: voice and motion capture, which uses the power of Kinect to bring players into the game like never before. Xbox Wire reports that players can capture facial animations, body motion and voice and sound to create custom character animations, dialog or even cinematic cut scenes.

Announced at E3, “Project Spark” is an exciting open-world digital canvas. Players aren’t just participants in the game, they’re creators. The game invites the collective imagination of an entire community to take part in building custom environments, characters and stories – and then play what they make.

With these new features, you can record dramatic scenes, sayings or sounds. The voice and motion capture enables users to record their face and have it applied to an in-game character. Through animation recording, they can create a new attack, full body motions and gestures.

When you combine all three elements (face, body and voice), you can make your own animations or even cinematic cut scenes.

Team Dakota also announced the official beta launch dates for “Project Spark.” Invitations will begin rolling out to registered beta participants starting at the end of October for Windows 8 devices and in January for Xbox One creators. Players can register for the beta at www.joinprojectspark.com.

Read more about these new “Project Spark” innovations on Xbox Wire.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff