Be the hero or villain in ‘Fable Legends’ for Xbox One

One of big announcements coming out of gamescom focuses on the next installment in the epic “Fable” saga – “Fable Legends” – exclusively for Xbox One.

Xbox Wire reports that in the game, you return to Albion, only this time with up to three other heroes as you embark on quests, slay monsters and discover new weapons, armor and treasure.

But here’s the twist that might very well get gamers’ hearts to beat a little faster: for the first time in “Fable” history, “Fable Legends” gives you the chance to truly embrace the dark side and be an evil mastermind. As a villain, you’ll combine strategy and tactics to control an army of minions in real-time against the heroes.

You can play with friends on Xbox Live, go solo with AI companions, or create your own team comprised of both human and computer allies. You can switch between single and multiplayer sessions, allowing you or your friends to hop in and out.
Another cool perk: using Xbox SmartGlass for your tablet or smartphone also enables several gameplay enhancing features. Heroes can use it to track game progress, learn more about quests and more. As a villain, however, you can use Xbox SmartGlass as a second screen for your Xbox One.

Read more about this fantastical tale on Xbox Wire.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff