Xbox prepares for European show-and-tell at gamescom

It’s time for some sweet Xbox show-and-tell: European edition.

The Xbox team is heading en mass to gamescom 2013 in Cologne, Germany, where European attendees can get hands-on with Xbox One and see the latest and greatest games, content, builds and stories (at the biggest Xbox booth ever, no less).

“The team has worked tirelessly to make sure every piece of available space is filled with the latest game content for you to play. And not only will there be hands-on, you will also have the chance to see how Kinect and SmartGlass really adds to the gaming on Xbox One,” wrote Major Nelson, who will also be at gamescom.

Check out Major Nelson’s blog for the latest gamescom news, giveaways and big reveals.

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Jennifer Warnick
Microsoft News Center Staff