Microsoft IaaS ‘2012 R2’ updates aim to enhance the experience on both sides of the infrastructure

On Wednesday, the In the Cloud blog went over game-changing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) innovations coming in “2012 R2.” In a post on Friday, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Brad Anderson focuses on the user experience for the teams who create the services offered (service providers), and the consumers (or tenants).

“While we were developing R2, we spent a lot of time ensuring that we truly understood exactly who would be using our solutions. We exhaustively researched their needs, their motivations, and how various IT users and IT teams relate to each other,” said Anderson.

In this post, Anderson once again hands the reins over to Erin Chapple, Partner Group program manager for Windows Server and System Center team. Chapple shares how customer feedback influenced 2012 R2 changes, and outlines several scenarios that address key customer-facing scenarios, with a focus on the experience.

“The right infrastructure enables key customer-facing scenarios, and the focus on the experience ensures that customers can get the most out of their infrastructure investments,” said Chapple, “We have brought to market innovation into the infrastructure itself to ensure that the network, compute and storage, and infrastructure are not only low-cost but easy to operate through rich integration with System Center. On top of this, there is the delightful user experience for not only the IaaS administrators, but also the tenant administrators consuming IaaS.”

To find out how they did it, and why service providers (and their consumers) will love 2012 R2, take a look at the In the Cloud blog.

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Deborah Pisano
Microsoft News Center Staff