Why pay for Wi-Fi, when you can get it for free with Skype Premium?

Starting today and through the entire month of August, Skype Premium subscribers get Skype Wi-Fi for free. If you’re headed off for a vacation or have a business trip, you can check your email, catch up on news, make sure you’re in the know on what all your contacts are up to on Facebook and Twitter, share updates of your own and chat on Skype – all for free anywhere Skype Wi-Fi is offered, at more than 1 million hotspots worldwide.

You can buy just as much Wi-Fi as you need with Skype Wi-Fi. No more paying for 24 hours of Wi-Fi at the airport for a two-hour layover or having to take out a credit card to make it happen. Just pay for it right out of your Skype Credit, and pay only for what you use. (Except in August, when you will pay nothing!)

If you’ve been meaning to check it out, now’s the time. Join Skype Premium today and enjoy free Skype Wi-Fi the entire month. For more details, read this Skype blog post.

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Jennifer Chen
Microsoft News Center Staff