SmartGlass for CNET: A digital buddy that will geek out watching tech shows with you

CNET on Xbox 360 offers a variety of technology shows, product reviews, live streaming coverage of industry events, and now, an Xbox SmartGlass app. Not since the Roomba has mankind experienced such devoted electronic companionship.

Xbox Live Gold members in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand can access the CNET Xbox SmartGlass app to enhance what they’re watching on CNET by answering quiz questions and polls, and looking up related information. They can even use the app as a remote control on a tablet or smart phone to search, select, play, or pause shows like “Always-On,” “CNET on Cars,” and “Rumor Has It.”

Check out Xbox Wire for more on the new CNET experience, or download the free Xbox SmartGlass app on your tablet or smartphone today and experience the kind of best friend – one that’s delightfully interactive, will hang out indefinitely with you on the love seat, but will never nag you to channel flip.

Oh – and welcome to the Xbox SmartGlass Companion family, CNET.

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Jennifer Warnick
Microsoft News Center Staff