MSBuild now part of Visual Studio

The Visual Studio Blog announced some important developer related news today: MSBuild is now part of Visual Studio.

Though MSBuild has shipped as a component of the .NET framework since 2005, it has always been primarily a development tool most often used by Visual Studio developers.

Now, it will ship as part of Visual Studio 2013 so the team can “more rapidly evolve MSBuild,” according to the Visual Studio Blog.

Some of the changes to MSBuild include:

· MSBuild is now a component of Visual Studio and will ship with all SKUs of Visual Studio, including Team Build, so if you use Visual Studio all of your build needs should be covered.

· We plan to evolve our build tools with each version of Visual Studio from now on. Each release of the Microsoft® Build Tools will have a new version of MSBuild, the VB/C# Compilers, and Toolset.

· In MSBuild 2013 we are removing a long-standing discontinuity between command line builds and builds from within Visual Studio.

For more information on the changes to MSBuild and its transition into Visual Studio 2013, read today’s post over on the Visual Studio Blog.

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Jeff Meisner
Microsoft News Center Staff