Microsoft Research gets you a few strands closer to the perfect hair day

If you’re not always crazy about how your hair looks in photos, Lvdi Wang has your back. The associate researcher in the Internet Graphics Group at Microsoft Research Asia has helped create a new 3-D modeling technique that lets you digitally “fix” your hairdo.

Here’s how it works. Take a photo where your hair is less than perfect, and draw a few “strands” around problem areas. Using those strands, the technology will fill out those strands into realistic-looking hair – that never sticks up where you don’t want it to.

Wang and his colleagues will be demonstrating their research this week at SIGGRAPH 2013 in a paper titled “Dynamic Hair Manipulation in Images and Videos,” co-authored by Zhejiang University’s Menglei Chai, Yanlin Weng, Xiaogang Jin, and Kun Zhou, along with Wang.

While I’m using this cutting-edge new technology to give myself a Devo-esque pompadour, you can learn more in this post by Rob Knies on Inside Microsoft Research.

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Steve Wiens
Microsoft News Center Staff