Bill Gates talks about problem-solving, teaching and learning in a digital age

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates spoke about problem-solving, teaching, and learning in a digital age during his keynote speech at today’s Microsoft Research Faculty Summit.

Gates says thanks to technology, the world is doing a better job of getting problems and needs in front of those who can solve and meet them. For instance, keeping vaccines cold was long an issue, but once the problem was in front of scientists who specialized in insulation, they invented a way to keep vaccines cold – and without using energy.

That said, not all challenges get the attention they deserve for long periods of time — like online education. Educators have made strides in sharing lectures online, but many types of learning go beyond the lecture format, he says.

“How we take the digital technology into those other aspects (of education) is fascinating to me,” Gates says.

Microsoft’s 14th annual Microsoft Research Faculty Summit began today in Redmond. Today and tomorrow, 400 elite academic researchers from 200 institutions and 29 countries will join Microsoft Research to explore hot trends and burning issues in computer science research.

Read the Microsoft Research Connections blog  for more about the event.

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Jennifer Warnick
Microsoft News Center Staff