Skype video messages have you covered when an IM just isn’t enough

With Skype for Windows desktop 6.5 we added a new way to stay in touch with your friends and loved ones using video. You can now record video messages to send to them, which they can then play and re-play whenever they like.

Riffing off of that new feature, Skype Tips & Tricks blogger Matthew de Beer breaks down four ways to use Skype video messages when IM just won’t do:

Reminders for others – Back in the day before text messaging and IMs, parents used to leave notes on the refrigerator or kitchen table reminding their kids to do their homework, let the dog out and so forth. Now, you can add a personal video touch to those reminder messages using Skype video messages a la “Don’t forget to get some milk” or “Don’t forget it’s your parents’ anniversary”.

The ultimate wish-you-were-here postcard – We’ve all done it; taken a bit of guilty pleasure in an exotic vacation or an extravagant trip by showing off to those who couldn’t go. With video messaging via Skype you won’t just be able to show off the palm trees though, you can show off how they sway gently in the wind and the sound of the turquoise waves lapping the shore. The great thing is you can record the video message on your mobile while offline, tap send and the message will go through when you’re next online.

To see a few other ways to make use of Skype video messages, read the rest of de Beer’s post over on the Skype Tips & Tricks Blog.

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Jeff Meisner
Microsoft News Center Staff