Walgreens, Voxer, ABC News, MarketWatch and XFINITY TV Remote: 5 new must-have apps for Windows Phone

“Look out – it’s an appalanche!” quipped Windows Phone blogger Michael Stroh about the five major apps that launched in the Windows Phone Store this morning. Here’s a look at all five new apps:

The Walgreens app makes it easy to track and order refills for your prescriptions. Its Quick Prints feature also lets you send photos from your camera roll to a Walgreens of your choice, then pick up prints of them about an hour later. Download it here.

Turn your Windows Phone 8 into a walkie-talkie and trade live audio clips with your contacts. You can have a conversation in real time or asynchronously, and also text, share photos and show your location. Download it here.

ABC News
With the ABC News app, you can turn your Lock screen wallpaper into a visual collage of top stories and tweets from the network’s commentators. Fire up the app, and you’ve got a whole world of up-to-the-minute news articles, slideshows and live video at your fingertips. Download it here.

There are a lot of great apps out there for financial news and data, and MarketWatch is one of the best. The app features real-time market quotes, business news, podcasts and more useful stuff for both major investors and market dabblers alike. Download it here.

The name says it all. This app can be used in place of your TV remote and also lets you browse programming schedules and schedule recordings on your Windows Phone. Download it here.

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Steve Wiens
Microsoft News Center Staff