Telefónica keeps its 340 million customers connected using hybrid-cloud strategy

Global telecommunications company Telefónica S.A. has 340 million customers around the world. To make sure it keeps them connected, the company is changing the way it delivers IT services to businesses using a hybrid private-public cloud strategy.

As revealed in an upcoming white paper and case study, Telefónica built a 15,000-meter Tier 4 data center in Madrid and consolidated its 27 European data centers—containing 18,000 physical servers—into a state-of-the-art, highly reliable data center where the company will consolidate to just 1,600 servers.

Its private cloud, based on Windows Server 2012 with the Hyper-V technology, is the cornerstone of a new Tier 4 Madrid data center. Soon, Telefónica will link this private cloud to Windows Azure, the Microsoft public cloud service, to give the business customer tremendous flexibility in where it runs its IT workloads. With a hybrid-cloud strategy, Telefónica can deliver IT services to the business in days instead of months and make them far more reliable.

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Jeff Meisner
Microsoft News Center Staff