New advertising SDK helps marketers target in-app ads more effectively within Windows 8

The world got an exciting preview of Windows 8.1 from Microsoft’s Build conference yesterday, where execs showcased new opportunities for developers as well as consumers. Today at Build, Microsoft Advertising released a new Windows 8.1 Ad SDK that will help marketers get more mileage out of Windows 8’s in-app advertising offerings.

Windows 8 in-app ads (like the Mercedes-Benz example above) offer a unique creative canvas for advertisers, and have proven highly effective for brands and appealing and non-intrusive to consumers.

The new SDK enables advertisers to target their in-app ads by age, gender and location, and is integrated into Visual Studio, so developers can provision ad units without the extra step of going to pubCenter.

Learn more about the Windows 8.1 Ad SDK, as well as several updates to available Windows 8 ad sizes, over on the Microsoft Advertising Blog.

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Steve Wiens
Microsoft News Center Staff