Facebook, Flipboard and NFL apps are headed to Windows

As part of his keynote with Windows Corporate Vice President Julie Larson-Green at Build 2013 in San Francisco today, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that Facebook, Flipboard and NFL apps will soon arrive for Windows. These marquee apps, along with other apps announced as part of the Windows 8.1 update, are testament to the steady momentum of app development for the Windows platform.

Corporate Vice President of Windows Program Management Antoine Leblond went on to outline the opportunity Windows 8.1 provides for developers to design, build and market their Windows Store apps, as well as a few updates that will further help them:

  • Redesigned Windows Store. The Windows Store has been completely redesigned in Windows 8.1 to reach customers and connect them more quickly to the apps they want.
  • More monetization opportunities. Windows 8.1 delivers new opportunities for developers to build and monetize apps and engage users, including Windows Store gift cards and the ability for customers to load their Microsoft Account with stored value in their local currency and make purchases online from the Windows Store.
  • Leading experiences. Windows 8.1 offers developers a canvas to present and develop compelling app designs. Windows 8.1 apps can work together to share data, share the screen and deliver richer customer experiences across a range of devices, including new 8-inch-and-below form factors.

Read more about apps, developer tools and other the news coming from the Build conference at Microsoft News Center.

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Deborah Pisano
Microsoft News Center Staff