Create and play with your own worlds with ‘Project Spark’

Announced at E3 this week, “Project Spark” is an open-world digital canvas that boasts a powerful, yet simple ability for you to build and play with your own worlds, stories and games. You can share all of your creations with a dynamic community and also play what the community makes.

In a Q&A with Xbox Wire, Henry Sterchi, the creative director on “Project Spark,” talks about the way the game enables anyone to build, play and share whatever they can imagine, presenting endless opportunities for diversion. It will be available to download for free on Xbox One, Windows 8 and Xbox 360.

Want to create an early 90s-style RPG where you go around town getting quests from in-game characters with dialogue for a story you’ve always wanted to tell? Want to make a full-length “buddy cop”-style movie with stunts and boat chases and action sequences? Those are just two examples of worlds that others have created, says Sterchi. He’s looking forward to all the unexpected, creative and awesome worlds the community at large will be making.

You can read the rest of the Q&A on Xbox Wire.

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Jennifer Chen
Microsoft News Center Staff