Take control of your PC with the new Windows 8 Task Manager

Many Windows users are familiar with the Task Manager, but did you know that this tool got a major overhaul in Windows 8 and includes a ton of great new features that help you take control of your PC and optimize your PC’s performance?

Complete with screenshots, Gavin Gear on the Extreme Windows Blog goes through some of the new features and enhancements of Windows 8’s Task Manager, including a heat map that’s color-coded to help you visualize your PC’s resource utilization. He also demonstrates some lesser-known tips and tricks, including using the details tab to determine whether a non-responsive application is actually waiting on another process that’s slowing things down.

Prefer to see all this demonstrated in live-action format? Gavin also created a walkthrough video (above) to share additional tips, tricks and new features.

For all the details, check out this post on the Extreme Windows Blog and take control of your PC today!

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Jennifer Chen
Microsoft News Center Staff