Bing Translator app arrives in the Windows Store, is completely amazing

The popular Bing Translator app, already a must-have for Windows Phone, is now available in a new Windows 8 version redesigned “from the ground up” for Windows devices, writes product manager Vikram Dendi in a post on the Bing Blog today.

The app lets you translate text from websites, apps, and even signs or other objects when you view them through your device’s camera. You can also hear translations spoken with a native speaker’s accent by typing text into your keyboard, and use offline language packs to access the app without an Internet connection.

On Windows, Bing Translator makes smart, seamless use of features like the Share Charm (where you can highlight and translate text from any of your apps) and Snap View (use it to keep Bing Translator on your screen while multi-tasking).

Check out the demo video above to see the app at work, then have a look at the Bing Translator product page to see more features.

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Steve Wiens
Microsoft News Center Staff