Media and telecom industries lead the way using social media

In many industries you’ll find substantial reluctance to embrace social networking tools and explore the productivity gains they can bring. That’s not so true in the media and telecom industries, according to new research Microsoft published on May 27.

Publishing and media employees embrace social media in a major way compared to their counterparts in other industries. Only 38 percent of respondents say social tools are a distraction at work, and just 33 percent say using social tools at work is frowned upon, both of which are the lowest of all industry respondents. In addition, 44 percent of respondents say they use social media to promote a work-related initiative, by far the highest of all industries.

These findings should come as no surprise, first of all because so much media content can be culled from social avenues. Social media is also a great way to promote articles online.

Another area where social networking provides substantial benefits to media professionals is approvals. Take the creation of a TV commercial. With immediate connection though an enterprise social network, the client, creative team, videographer, media buyer, editor and execs who need review and approve can all collaborate together in real time, saving a lot of time and money for everyone.

In the telecommunication arena, Microsoft’s research found that 71 percent of employees use social tools to communicate with colleagues – among the highest percentage of all industries surveyed. This makes sense. When thinking about the world’s top operators, many operate in a number of different countries, with many locations in each region. The ability to collaborate quickly and seamlessly is central to optimizing business performance.

Accordingly, telecom respondents were among the most likely – 45 percent – to say their company understands the benefits of social tools. They were also the least likely of all industries surveyed – 30 percent – to feel that their management underestimates the benefits of social tools in the workplace.

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Steve Clarke
Microsoft News Center Staff