New Office is best-selling edition yet; Office 365 Home Premium passes 1 million subscribers

The Office News blog reports that the new Office is officially the best-selling edition yet, selling at an average rate of one per second.

Office 365 Home Premium has also hit a milestone, passing 1 million subscribers in just over 100 days. That’s a quicker climb to the million mark than some of the most popular services out there, as you can see in this infographic:

But the numbers only tell part of the story, writes Office marketing exec John Case in the Office News blog post.

“What’s truly exciting is how people are using the service and their newfound flexibility to do great things,” he continues, pointing as an example to this blog post by Suzanne Emberton, a Tennessee mother of six who calls Office 365 “an amazing tool for our family.”

Steve Wiens
Microsoft News Center Staff