Internet Explorer helps bring stunning new views of Mount Everest to the Web

You can now experience breathtaking birds-eye views of Mount Everest using Everest: Rivers of Ice, a stunning new HTML5 website based on the explorations of mountaineer, filmmaker and photographer David Breashears.

The site is the result of a partnership between Breashears and his non-profit GlacierWorks, the Internet Explorer team, Microsoft Research and the developers at Pixel Lab.

“Breashears began chronicling the changes to the glaciers of Mount Everest and the greater Himalayan region in 2007 when he first matched an iconic image taken in 1921 by explorer George Mallory. David’s photo revealed the stark changes occurred to this glacier during the 86 years since Mallory took his photo,” writes Internet Explorer’s Roger Capriotti in a blog post today.

“I am very excited to launch this project and give millions of people the opportunity to understand these important changes and also to explore Everest and the Himalayas,” Breashears told Capriotti.

Check out the site with IE10 and you can take advantage of the browser’s special touch features, such as a “draw and zoom” gesture that lets you zero in to a specific area (say, a peak or basecamp on the mountain) just by drawing a quick circle around what you want to explore in more detail. The site also uses the Microsoft Research platform Rich Interactive Narratives to bring the incredible visuals to life.

Learn more about Everest: Rivers of Ice over on the Exploring IE Blog, then experience it for yourself at

Steve Wiens
Microsoft News Center Staff