Microsoft Research puts the future of tech on display at D.C. TechFair 2013

Researcher Michel Pahud shows Senator Mark Begich (D-AK) a demo that reconstructs 3-D scenes in real time at Microsoft Research’s D.C. TechFair.

Microsoft Research offered a glimpse at the future of technology this week, showcasing some of its latest innovations at its biennial D.C. TechFair at the Microsoft Innovation & Policy Center in downtown Washington, D.C.

“At Microsoft, investing in research and development are top priorities as we continue to spark American innovation while creating the jobs and technologies of the future,” said Fred Humphries, Microsoft vice president of U.S. Government Affairs, in a blog post on Inside Microsoft Research.

One project on display, ViralSearch, offers new insight into how and why content “goes viral” on social networks, drawing on extensive analysis from Microsoft Research New York City.

You can see more TechFair projects over on Inside Microsoft Research – it’s well worth a look.

And if cutting-edge tech innovations are your thing, you may want to follow Microsoft Research on Twitter at @MSFTResearch, where the team regularly posts its latest work. They just topped 100,000 followers, and they love to share:

Steve Wiens
Microsoft News Center Staff