Windows Phone: The perfect place for developing HTML5 apps

Developers – this one’s for you.

You may not realize it, but Windows Phone is a great place to build HTML5 apps. Why? Well, let’s ask an expert.

In a post on the Windows Phone Developer Blog, Jeff Burtoft, an HTML5 technical evangelist with Microsoft, talks about the flexibility and cross-platform power of HTML5 in Windows Phone using a project known as YetiBowl as an example. YetiBowl is a standards-compliant HTML5 game that runs flawlessly on the Web as a Windows 8 app and a Windows Phone 8 app.

Head on over to the Windows Phone Developer Blog to watch the in-depth video interview with Burtoft and learn more about the cross-platform capabilities of HTML5 on Windows Phone.

Jeff Meisner
Microsoft News Center Staff