Who could forget Mother’s Day? Skype can help you avoid getting caught in the 20 percent club

Let’s face the facts, sometimes in the whirlwind of daily life we often forget things such as birthdays, anniversaries, and even more timely, Mother’s Day.

According to a recent survey commissioned by Skype and conducted online by Harris Interactive, among the 2,114 U.S. adults surveyed, one-fifth of the respondents (with a mother figure in their life) have forgotten to get their Mom a gift in Mother’s Day past. Actually one-fourth of men have forgotten, so thank you ladies for rounding the average up to 1 in 5.

The infographic below paints the full picture on the survey’s results.

So now that you have a friendly Mother’s Day reminder: Read more options over at the Skype Big Blog with gift suggestions such as the Say it with Skype Facebook app or a Skype Gift Card.

Bruce Vanderpool
Microsoft News Center Staff