Meet the people who made Internet Explorer 10 perfect for touch

Browsing on tablets has often been a bit of a let-down, especially compared with using apps. The Internet Explorer team tackled that situation head-on in developing IE10, building it from the ground up to be the best browser for tablets, and most importantly, the best browser for touch.

In the video below, members of the team show and tell how they delivered on their goal – be sure to check out the cool “magic fingers robot” they use to test touch on tablets – and in a related blog post you can see some tweets from users who attest to the team’s success.

To judge that success for yourself, check out this video of touch features on IE10 including flip ahead and multi-finger touch support. And find out how the team worked with partners to build sites like Contre Jour and The Hunger Games Explorer to showcase what a browser designed for touch can do.

A performance study by Principled Technologies demonstrates how touch has become the new fast for browsing as users could more quickly hit their favorite sites or do the most common Web tasks with IE10 on a Windows 8 tablet. Find out more and download today.

Steve Clarke
Microsoft News Center Staff