Built for speed: Office 365 ProPlus Click-to-Run takes on a Ferrari

Tired of slow software updates that seem to take years instead of minutes to install? In the latest episode of Garage Series, the Office team is ready to talk shop on how Office is speeding up the process for software updates for IT Pros. The series features intrepid hosts Jeremy Chapman and Yoni Kirsh as they go under the hood and get to the heart of how to manage, configure and deploy the new Office.

In this episode, the team compares the Office Professional Plus 2013 MSI install and explains the optimized update service for the Office 365 ProPlus Click-to-Run install. But more importantly, they do an XStream install of Office 365 and race it against a Ferrari F430 Spider in the streets of Sydney, Australia.

Read more about today’s episode, or check the Garage Series to learn about upcoming episodes or access the complete archive.

Bruce Vanderpool
Microsoft News Center Staff