Big data insights bring companies speed, better analytics

The SQL Server Blog, fresh today with key customer wins, touts how The Charles Machine Works, Holland America Line, and Retail Solutions Inc. have benefited by moving from Oracle and SAP to SQL Server.

“Being able to get to data faster can give businesses an edge in today’s fast paced, competitive environment,” today’s post on the SQL Server Blog states. “The Charles Machine Works (CMW), a manufacturer of underground construction equipment based in Oklahoma, turned to SQL Server in order to improve business intelligence reporting and speed access to data from its existing SAP architecture.”

According to the blog post, Holland America Line is getting much better customer insights, tripling its internal use of a program that tracks internal best practices. Retail Solutions Inc., a software-as-a-solution company, is using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 to help its customers better forecast things like consumer demand and product supply.

Visit the SQL Server Blog to read more about how these three customers are benefitting after moving to SQL Server.


Lukas Velush
Microsoft News Center Staff