Three Things Nonprofits Should Know About the New Office

Last week, we announced big news: the new Microsoft Office is available as a software donation to eligible nonprofits worldwide.


Here’s the take-away

There are many ways the new Microsoft Office will meet the needs of nonprofits everywhere as they strive to serve their local communities with limited technological resources and staff. Here are just three:

1. The smart, social and integrated contact card

Nonprofit office managers, administrative assistants, network weavers and coalition builders will love this feature. It’s the contact card. The contact card in the new Office contains all the key details about a person: phone, email, address, company information, position within an organization structure like “direct reports” and “reports to”, headshot photo, links to social networks, and even the ability to see if someone is in a meeting or available (which is automatically synced to their Outlook calendar). You can also schedule a meeting, chat or call with the contact card.

2. Spreadsheets taking care of business – in a flash!

Have you ever exported data onto a spreadsheet, and in your horror, found that some of the data categories – say, Name, City, State – are all crammed into the same column? Excel in the new Office can intelligently detect your attempts to separate data, and by a third entry of data, it auto-populates the rest of the column for you. It’s a new functionality called “Flash Fill.”

3. It’s all about presentation

Whether in front of a potential corporate donor, your board of directors, or a group of constituents, the best visual aid is often your slide deck. The new PowerPoint helps you bring your nonprofit story to life, with a number of neat new features. To name a few: widescreen as a new default aspect ratio, easy video embedding, and if your audience needs a reminder or refresher, you can now embed your presentation directly onto a website and maintain all of its animations, transitions, audio and video. The new experience is fully interactive and all your content plays back right in the embedded object.

A little FYI

To help you learn more about the new Office, we came together with TechSoup to host a webinar, explaining what’s new in the new Office and sharing examples of how a nonprofit or library might use the new Office. You can see the webinar here (this link will require you to type your name to watch the recording).

We also hosted a TweetChat to take your questions. One of our in-house experts, Doug Thomas, the “Office Casual Guy” was there to provide answers. Below, we’ve put together a Storify of the Q&A session in case you missed it.

[<a href="//" target="_blank">View the story "#Office4Good" on Storify</a>]<h1>#Office4Good</h1><h2>This was our #Office4Good TweetChat on Wednesday, January 30th @ 12pm PST with special guest Doug Thomas, the Office Casual guy. He’ll give productivity tips and highlight his favorite features. This is a great opportunity for nonprofits to ask questions and get advice from one of the experts.</h2><p>Storified by <a href="">MicrosoftCitizenship</a>· Fri, Feb 01 2013 12:46:32</p><div>Nerdsonsite</div><div>@TechSoup @msftcitizenship @LeadershipMV Getting ready for TweetChat. Just waiting for my TechSoup order to finish processing #office4goodAlicia C.</div><div>I’m joining #Office4Good in 10 minutes! Great for #nonprofits & #libraries to learn about the latest version of Office! Join us.Michael DeLong</div><div>Joining the #Office4Good chat in 5 minutes. Can always learn more about #nonprofit #tech.HandsOn Tech Chicago</div><div>Getting ready for TweetChat about the new Office for nonprofits. Follow: #office4goodDoug Thomas</div><div>Welcome to #Office4Good TweetChat hosted by @msftcitizenship + @TechSoup about new Office, now available 4 nonprofits. Join via #Office4GoodMicrosoftCitizenship</div><div>Please pardon tweets, about to join #office4good tweetchat on the new Office for #nonprofits for the next hour. #nptechSusan Chavez</div><div>I’m going to listen in on #Office4Good bc I use Office every day + could use a tip on upgrades. Sounds like #therightthingtodo #Office4Goodalexandra bezdikian</div><div>Welcome to TweetChat hosted by @msftcitizenship + @TechSoupabt new Office, available 4 nonprofits & libraries. Follow/join via #Office4GoodTechSoup</div><div>TechSoup, co-host of #Office4Good tweetchat, is a resource for nonprofits and libraries to get software donations.</div><div>Pinterest</div><div>Please take a moment to introduce yourselves & say where you’re from! #Office4GoodTechSoup</div><div>Excited to learn about software donations for #nonprofits from @microsoft. Follow #office4good tweetchat to learn more. @msftcitizenshipMandiMoshay</div><div>Joining #office4good #TechSouptweetchat with @msftcitizenship about the new Office for libraries & nonprofits. I need tips! #office4goodTS4Libs Team</div><div>I’ll be chiming in to the #Office4Good TweetChat & sharing my experiences w/ the new Office and how it can benefit #nonprofits & #librariesGinnyMies</div><div>Hi @msftcitizenship and @TechSoup – tweeting from @PhilanthropyNW office in Seattle! #office4goodPhilanthropy NW</div><div>Hi. Alicia from Mountain View, CA and @leadershipMV director. #Office4GoodAlicia C.</div><div>Hi all! I’m Kyla Hunt, the Webinar Program Manager at TechSoup! #office4goodKyla Hunt</div><div>Mandi here – communications manager @PhilanthropyNW tweeting from Seattle for our members across the Northwest U.S. #office4goodMandi Moshay</div><div>Hi everyone! I’m with @msftcitizenship. Thanks for participating to talk about the new #Office. #Office4GoodGretchen Deo</div><div>I’m a content producer from site. I can answer questions about the new version of Office #office4goodDoug Thomas</div><div>I create help and how-to videos and webinars for and the Office blog. #office4goodDoug Thomas</div><div>This is Doug in one of his 15-minute webinars on</div><div></div><div>#office4good, what is the biggest benefit of the new Office for nonprofits?Tech Impact</div><div>@Tech_Impact there are big improvements and features in the new Office. They way it can use the cloud is great for… #office4goodDoug Thomas</div><div>@Tech_Impact …business folks on multiple devices and on the go. Also, it comes with racing stripes. 😉 #office4goodDoug Thomas</div><div>#office4good Will Office 2013 work on Windows 7 or do we have to upgrade to Windows 8? @dougthomasKen Wyman</div><div>@KenWyman Windows 7 or 8. #office4goodDoug Thomas</div><div>Doug: What’s new about the new Microsoft Office? If you’re just tuning in, #Office4Good Join our chatroom:</div><div>What’s new? In Word 2013 there is a great reading mode that formats your text for your screen for a better read. 60% of… #office4goodDoug Thomas</div><div>people that open Word only read docs. So the improved reading experience to a nice to have. #office4goodDoug Thomas</div><div>In</div><div>The new Reading Mode in Word 2013 is awesome! Perfect for people who like a minimalist work environment — like me :) #office4goodGinny Mies</div><div>#Office4Good Any plans for Microsoft to offer 365 as a donation?Jason Palm</div><div>Q from @japalm: Any plans for Microsoft to offer 365 as a donation? — @gretchendeo will answer #Office4GoodMicrosoftCitizenship</div><div>@japalm Office 365 is a great solutionfornonprofits.GototheO365tolearnaboutthedifferentplans:</div><div>@japalmForinfoonpricingfornonprofits,visit</div><div>IfwealreadyuseOffice365,doesthenewOfficeprovidearicherenduserexperience?#Office4GoodTechImpact</div><div>@Tech_ImpactBotharegoodforarichuserendexperience!#Office4GoodGretchenDeo</div><div>Outlook2013:hassomeniftydesignthings:mousetopeekatyourschedule,answeremailinlinewithoutopeninganewmessage.#office4goodDougThomas</div><div></div><div>Excel2013:MakeaPivotTable,withoutknowinganythingaboutPivotTables!Usemouseoverthedata,andcharts/tables…#office4goodDougThomas</div><div>canbeviewedinstantlyandchoosetheoneyouwant.#office4goodDougThomas</div><div>Zdnet</div><div>Toggle</div><div>Techworld</div><div>WhatchangesaffectOutlookcalendar?#Office4GoodKenWyman</div><div>@KenWymanPeeks:lookatcalendar,favoritepeoplewithoutchangingthescreen.Greatofcheckingcalendarquickly.Also…#office4goodDougThomas</div><div>@KenWymanIthoughtthiswasalittlesomething,butcustomerslovehavingtheweatherforecastonthecalendar.#office4goodDougThomas</div><div>Tabletpcreview</div><div>IreallylikethenewlookofOutlook2013.Moreinformationinoneplaceisagoodthing!#office4goodGinnyMies</div><div>MT@mmdelong:WearehostingawebinaronFri@1pmCSTtodemothenewOffice4NPOs.Register:</div><div>Ioftenusemytabletforemailandoccasionallyneedtoalsoreviewdocs,howdoesOfficeintegratewithtablets?Anylimits?#Office4GoodTechImpact</div><div>Surface</div><div>Anothergreatquestion@Tech_Impact.Lovingthissmartcrowdtoday!#Office4GoodTechSoup</div><div>GoodquestionMT@Tech_Impact:HowdoesOfficeintegratewithtablets?Anylimits?#Office4GoodAliciaC.</div><div>@Tech_ImpactThenewOfficeisreinventedtoworkwithkeyboard,mouse,andtouch/pen.ThereisanewTouchmode…#office4goodDougThomas</div><div>@Tech_Impact that gives more room in the Ribbon and menus so you can touch with a finger more easily. #office4goodDoug Thomas</div><div>Hoping for Outlook Tasks lists to handle more complex work planning #Office4GoodKen Wyman</div><div>@KenWyman: Hmmm, don’t know about Tasks as much. You can see… #office4goodDoug Thomas</div><div>@KenWyman …what else is new with Outlook at #office4goodDoug Thomas</div><div>This is my first tweet ever!!! Here goes…Office 2013 allows headers to be collapsible within a document. #office4goodSarah Hiller</div><div>There’s a tweetchat going on right now about the latest version of Office w/ @TechSoup & @msftcitizenship #Office4GoodCaravan Studios</div><div>Doug hosts Office 15-Minute Webinars, a free help/how-to series held every Tues w live Q&A session. #Office4GoodGretchen Deo</div><div>Msdn</div><div>Doug: do you have productivity tips on how to best use the new Office for nonprofit work? #Office4GoodMicrosoftCitizenship</div><div>Tip #1: 3 words: OneNote. OneNote. OneNote. You can get it for your smartphone too: #office4goodDoug Thomas</div><div>Pcworld</div><div>Blogcdn</div><div>You can now insert web videos into PowerPoint presentations or Word docs. Great way to tell your #nonprofit ‘s story. #office4good #tsdigsGinnyMies</div><div>@g1nny Yes: I like that. PowerPoint had that starting with 2010. Embedded the video so you don’t have to stop you presentation. #office4goodDoug Thomas</div><div>Tip 2: Sit in front of the screen when presenting, so you connect w/ audience as they look the screen. More of my presentation #office4goodDoug Thomas</div><div>tips are in this video/blog post: #office4goodDoug Thomas</div><div>Mindprocessors</div><div>Tip #3: Your brain needs downtime to create. Take a walk, stop having a screen in front of you: My video at: #office4goodDoug Thomas</div><div>video/blog post on creativity: #office4goodDoug Thomas</div><div>Tip #4: Make a bad picture still work in your report or presentation: Recording of webinar at #office4goodDoug Thomas</div><div>onenote has quickly become my "can’t live without" app. on my laptop, surface, phone – all connected thru skydrive #office4good #office4goodJane Meseck</div><div>@msftcitizenship What features make Office > no cost options available in marketplace 4 NPOs right now? #Office4GoodHandsOn Tech Chicago</div><div>@HandsOnTechChi: Hmm, don’t know much about Google Apps. But the Office 2013 that we are talking about is full fledge system… #office4goodDoug Thomas</div><div>@HandsOnTechChi Office Web Apps are our free online apps. We talking about donations of the full system, not online apps. #office4goodDoug Thomas</div><div>@msftcitizenship @dougthomas are there any new additions that make sharing content easier? #Office4GoodMegan West</div><div>@meganw8 Sharing: co-author a document. Use SkyDrive to share and edit docs without sending attachments. #office4goodDoug Thomas</div><div>@meganw8 Skype integration too. #office4goodDoug Thomas</div><div>Technewsarm</div><div>@dougthomas thanks. love it! skydrive is a miracle worker. love not having multiple versions via attachments :) #office4goodMegan West</div><div>We’re loving how passionate folks are about Office features. Love learning everyone’s personal tips and tricks! #Office4GoodTechSoup</div><div>@PhilanthropyNW: thanks: next week’s Office Webinar is on making business cards. #office4goodDoug Thomas</div><div>Are there MS mobile apps that integrate with Office 365? #Office4GoodSusan Tenby</div><div>@suzboop Yes. Amount of integration based on phone system. #office4goodDoug Thomas</div><div>@suzboopHelpBridge app helps connect to people during disaster. syncs w/outlook contacts #office4good #office4goodJane Meseck</div><div>Sbnation</div><div>Does office 2013 respect the old formats and templates? #Office4goodSentences</div><div>Nonprofits can request a donation of Microsoft software via @TechSoup here: #Office4Good #Office4GoodMicrosoftCitizenship</div><div>@msftcitizenship Are there any significant changes or upgrades for Word from Office 2010 to Office 365? #Office4Good #Office4GoodKilgore Trout</div><div>@msftcitizenship @KilgoreSturgeon In Word there is a great reading mode that formats your text for your screen for a better read.Gretchen Deo</div><div>Thanks all for joining today! Great questions & comments! We always count on our community to bring it! And thanks @dougthomas! #Office4GoodTechSoup</div><div>@AliciaInMtnView Thanks for attending, glad you enjoyed! #Office4GoodMSFT Silicon Valley</div><div>Please join me at the free Office 15-Min webinars. Every Tuesday at 9:15 am Pac Time. #office4goodDoug Thomas</div><div>Thanks for attending TweetChatw @msftcitizenship @TechSoup. #Office4Good #Office4GoodMicrosoftCitizenship</div>