Getting MEPs ready for EU Code Week

MEP Eva Paunova takes part in the EUDojo event at the European Parliament.

We live in an increasingly digital age. To thrive and succeed, all Europeans, particularly the young, need new skills, resources and training in the area of computer science. European policymakers have an essential role to play in advancing awareness of the value of digital skills and ensuring education systems focus on developing them. But they cannot do this without experiencing the transformative power of technology for themselves. Today, the #EUDojo … Read more »

Microsoft partners with NATO to shore up European cybersecurity


Microsoft is a long-term partner for many governments around the world seeking to build a safe and trusted digital environment. As such, we are excited to announce today that we have signed our newest Government Security Program (GSP) agreement with the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency). This latest agreement builds on our 12-year cybersecurity partnership with NATO, now renewed under the GSP’s newly-expanded remit. Microsoft is committed to helping build a more secure … Read more »

Literacy for Life – Digital Solutions for a Sustainable Future

reading skills

Around the world, there are still 757 million adults and 115 million youths who cannot read or write a simple sentence. Yet the fact remains that boosting literacy rates is the most effective way of breaking the cycle of poverty. On the occasion of International Literacy Day 2015, it is worth remembering Kofi Annan’s definition of literacy as “a bridge from misery to hope.” Ensuring “inclusive and equitable quality education” … Read more »

A Response to the Digital Single Market

EC with flags

Microsoft welcomes the efforts of the European Commission to create a successful European Digital Single Market (DSM). The DSM has the potential to transform Europe into a more innovative, more inclusive, and better connected society. The DSM will also provide a strong platform for much needed growth, jobs, and renewed competitiveness throughout the Union. Europe has a unique window of opportunity to accelerate reform and stimulate job creation and investment. … Read more »

“Welcome to Our World” – Building Bridges in the Cloud

Octopus15 (3)

There are several challenges for national law enforcement authorities working in the global cyberspace, including the collection of evidence in the cloud, a topic that was the focus of the Council of Europe’s recent Octopus Conference on Cooperation against Cybercrime. One participant, a representative of a law enforcement authority in a small European country, spoke of his difficulty to obtain evidence to investigate local criminal activity when such evidence is … Read more »

Building Trust: Cyber-Solutions for Europe

Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister, Luxembourg

Last week, Microsoft partnered with POLITICO to host the first Annual Cybersecurity Summit. The event comes at a key moment in time. Cybersecurity has never been higher on the political agenda in the EU and globally. And with good reason. This month’s cyber-attack on the U.S. Federal Government personnel office, which led to the information of around 4 million federal workers being stolen, is unfortunately not an isolated incident. This … Read more »

Wanted: Strong Leadership for Secure Cyberspace

Scott Charney

In November of last year, the high-profile hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment resulted in the mass release of confidential information and the disruption of IT systems. This widely publicized event is one of many where a government has been accused of a damaging cyberattack. Therein lies the discontinuity. While cybercriminals of course act in disregard of the common good, governments are supposed to be different. Governments are supposed to protect … Read more »

Trust and Transparency: Building Blocks for the Digital Single Market

Microsoft Transparency Center Brussels
©pict: vincent duterne

What is trust? As defined in the dictionary, it consists of a firm and assured belief in the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something. But this hardly does justice to the importance of a principle which underpins every human and social interaction. Trust is fundamental to the functioning of our societies and economies. Even more so in today’s increasingly inter-connected world. Unsurprisingly, building confidence and trust online … Read more »

Microsoft Transparency Center opens in Brussels


Governments around the world are under increased and increasing pressure to protect their citizens and critical assets from cyber-attack. Ensuring the defense of national infrastructure from online threats calls for a high level of openness and cooperation between public and private sectors. Throughout our history, Microsoft has helped governments build and deploy more secure IT infrastructure and services to protect their citizens and national economies. As part of this investment, … Read more »

The Business Case for Marriage Equality


As a business leader I see the importance of diversity and inclusion for our company on a day-to-day basis. Strengthening LGBT equality – including marriage equality – plays a critical role in promoting diversity and inclusion. As Managing Director of Microsoft in Ireland, I have witnessed immense social and economic change over the past fifteen years. The country first benefitted from economic growth, then a subsequent downturn with significant social … Read more »