Cloud computing and government: an evolving partnership

Since 2010 at least fifty governments have published strategies or initiatives that focus on cloud computing, with the trend accelerating in the last year. This growing focus on cloud adoption demonstrates that governments, like businesses, have a keen interest in realizing the benefits of cloud computing – often not just for the public sector, but their countries as a whole. By using cloud services, governments can achieve far greater computing … Read more »

KRBTGT Account Password Reset Scripts now available for customers

Credential theft and reuse attacks continue to be top of mind for many of the CISOs I have talked to recently. We have discussed this topic several times in the past: New Strategies and Features to Help Organizations Better Protect Against Pass-the-Hash Attacks New Guidance to Mitigate Determined Adversaries’ Favorite Attack: Pass-the-Hash Targeted Attacks Video Series You asked, we answered: #AskPtH Questions and Answers Although pass-the-hash credential theft and reuse … Read more »

Reflecting on Cybersecurity

As we finish up the first month of 2015, I’ve found myself reflecting not just on recent events, but on the past year and the past decade. Cybersecurity is not a new discipline by any means, but there always seems to be a new dimension that surfaces which forces our perspective to evolve as well. On February 2, 2004, I started my first day at work in Trustworthy Computing. Scott … Read more »

Microsoft partners with cities and governments to improve cybersecurity for citizens

City life is changing – there is no doubt about that. Unprecedented population shifts and extraordinary growth have impacted how urban populations live and work together. For city leaders, this rapid change has created not only unique challenges, but also significant opportunities. Many are looking to technologies like the Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) devices to solve growing problems, and for good reason. The Cloud increases efficiency and simplifies … Read more »

The Importance of Effective Information Sharing

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This week, I testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs at a hearing on “Protecting America from Cyber Attacks: the Importance of Information Sharing.” It was good to see that the committee’s first hearing of the 114th Congress focuses on cybersecurity issues generally, and information sharing in particular, and I’d like to summarize the key points of my testimony. There is no doubt that cybersecurity is … Read more »

Putting Information Sharing into Context

Information Sharing Infographic

Putting Information Sharing into Context: New Whitepaper Offers Framework for Risk Reduction The nearly incessant drumbeat of cybersecurity incidents over the past weeks and months has brought about renewed interested in information sharing across the technical and political spheres. For example, earlier this month the White House proposed legislation to encourage information sharing which President Obama also referred to in his State of the Union address. When it comes to … Read more »

Six Proposed Norms to Reduce Conflict in Cyberspace

Last month, my team launched a new white paper, “International Cybersecurity Norms, Reducing conflict in an Internet-dependent world” at the EastWest Institute’s 2014 Global Cyberspace Cooperation Summit in Berlin. In the paper we explained the unique cyber risks posed by nation states’ offensive activities, and how these risks could escalate – perhaps unintentionally – to catastrophic consequence. Our goal was to outline the risks faced by society, and propose six … Read more »

Navigating Security in the Age of the Breach at the Evanta CIO Executive Summit

Last month, I had the honor of moderating a panel of esteemed executives at the 2014 Evanta CIO Executive Summit in Chicago, Illinois. The topic for discussion was “Navigating Security in the Age of the Breach.” The panelists included Paul Martin, CVP & CIO Baxter International Inc., Preston Simons, VP, IT & CIO Abbott, and Marc Varner, CISO McDonald’s Corporation. The group discussed security strategies, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) … Read more »

Positive steps on the road towards harmonization of global cybersecurity risk management frameworks

Guest Blogger: Jan Neutze, Director of Cybersecurity Policy, Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA), Microsoft Around the world, governments are pursuing initiatives to protect their cyberspace, developing national cybersecurity strategies, considering information sharing incentives, and assessing baseline security protections. Two important initiatives with the potential to be impactful far beyond national borders have been unveiled in the European Union (EU) and the United States over the past two years. First, the U.S. government … Read more »

Dispatch from Delhi: Conference on Cyber Security and Cyber Governance

Angela McKay, Director of Cybersecurity Policy, delivers her keynote address with seated attendees: Dr. C. Raja Mohan, Head, Strategic Studies and Distinguished Fellow, ORF; Arvind Gupta, Deputy National Security Advisor, Government of India; and Samir Saran, Sr. Fellow & Vice President, ORF.

Guest Blogger: Aaron Kleiner Earlier this fall, I had the opportunity to visit India for the Observer Research Foundation’s (ORF) India Conference on Cyber Security and Cyber Governance, known informally as CyFy. Now in its second year, CyFy is an important opportunity to engage with cybersecurity and Internet governance experts from around the world. Microsoft was pleased to join the Netherlands in serving as the Event Partners for Cyfy. CyFy … Read more »