New Version of BinScope Binary Analyzer

Advanced Security Notice

We are delighted to announce the general availability of a new version of the BinScope Binary Analyzer, Microsoft BinScope version 2014. BinScope is a tool used during the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) verification phase. It is available as a free download from the Microsoft Download Center here. BinScope was designed to help detect potential vulnerabilities that can be introduced into Binary files. The tests it implements examine application binary files … Read more »

New Report: Enhancing Cybersecurity with Big Data

Big data is creating profound business and social opportunities in every nearly field, enabling the discovery of previously hidden patterns and developing new insights to inform and guide decisions. At the same time, protecting the information of individuals and organizations from online threats remains an urgent priority so using big data tools and techniques to enhance cybersecurity is a natural development. For example, an organization might aggregate and analyze log … Read more »

7 Precautions for Protecting Against Perpetrators

Cyberattacks and data breaches continue to dominate the news globally. The reality is that most organizations face the same often reported threats and are carrying on their work towards counteracting those risks. Some organizations victimized by cybercriminals have shared information publicly. Others have chosen to conduct investigations and share information about the attack in a more limited way, or not at all. As a result, media themes related to cyberattacks … Read more »

Strategies, Capacity Building and Legislative Initiatives: Cybersecurity Policy Development Battles Through “Tumultuous Teens”

Cyberspace Challenges

Over the past two months, I have travelled around Europe and Africa far more than I have been at home. So have many of my colleagues. And while I wish wanderlust was the primary driver for our travels, the travel has been driven by a growing regional interest in developing effective long-term cybersecurity policy strategies and frameworks. Policy makers are increasingly aware of how connected and conversely how vulnerable, their … Read more »

Billions of Data, One Cybersecurity Report. Now available – SIRv17


Each year around this time, I start to get a number of inquiries from customers anxiously awaiting the latest volume of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report. Customers want to better understand the latest threat trends, the shifts we are seeing in cybercriminal behavior, the new techniques that are being used, and the malware families that are most prevalent. Of course they also want actionable guidance that helps protect their organization … Read more »

Hundreds of Millions of Microsoft Customers Now Benefit from Best-in-Class Encryption

Last month, we shared some important encryption advancements as part of our ongoing commitment to increase data protection for customers using our network and services. Today, we are pleased to share that Microsoft is bringing encryption technologies currently available in Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2, to older versions of our platforms. Through Microsoft Update, we are delivering best-in-class encryption to the hundreds of millions of Microsoft customers who … Read more »

IoT Security Does Not Have to be an Oxymoron – Part 2

As my colleague Kevin Sullivan wrote in part 1 of this two-part series, the Internet of Things (IoT) holds great promise for organizations and consumers. But like many new technologies, it brings with it a number of security and privacy challenges. The industry can work to help address many of these challenges by building on some of the lessons learned from decades of experience connecting traditional computing devices to the … Read more »

IoT Security Does Not Have to be an Oxymoron

With the return of cooler weather to Seattle I appreciate that the heat at my house turns up just in time for me to get home. From an efficiency perspective, it is comforting to know that the heat also automatically turns down when I leave the house. These simple optimizations are just the beginning of what the Internet of Things can enable in our everyday lives. I am looking forward … Read more »

Privacy: Minding your business

data privacy

Many years ago I was in a gang. Think short trousers, treehouses and walkie-talkies made from string and tin cans rather than the streets of LA. To be in our gang we had a rule; you had to each pick another member and tell him something in private, something only you and he would know. Needless to say we all knew each other’s secret within a few minutes. Fortunately at … Read more »

Microsoft Antimalware for Azure Cloud Services and Virtual Machines now Available for Free


Microsoft Antimalware for Azure Cloud Services and Virtual Machines is now generally available for Microsoft Azure customers. This new security extension for Microsoft Azure provides an additional layer of security by helping to identify, block and remove malicious software on virtual machines managed by Azure customers. It provides real time protection from the latest threats, can perform on-demand scanning, and monitoring at no additional charge to Microsoft Azure customers. Customers … Read more »