Data Privacy Day in a World of Cloud Computing

Since 2006, some European countries have marked Data Privacy Day, initially to raise awareness. Today, privacy is a critical consideration to cloud computing. People will not use technology they do not trust, and data privacy is an important consideration in building that trust. New technologies can make people question how their own information is controlled. As Brendon Lynch, Chief Privacy Officer mentions in his Microsoft on the Issues blog, Microsoft … Read more »

Six Proposed Norms to Reduce Conflict in Cyberspace

Last month, my team launched a new white paper, “International Cybersecurity Norms, Reducing conflict in an Internet-dependent world” at the EastWest Institute’s 2014 Global Cyberspace Cooperation Summit in Berlin. In the paper we explained the unique cyber risks posed by nation states’ offensive activities, and how these risks could escalate – perhaps unintentionally – to catastrophic consequence. Our goal was to outline the risks faced by society, and propose six … Read more »

Privacy considerations in a cloudy world

In today’s high tech world, individuals from around the globe can comment in real time on others social media posts and current events instantaneously. With just a few keystrokes, data, thoughts and ideas can reach around the world. In this fast paced environment, consideration of what you choose to share and to whom is more important than ever. Likewise, as organizations take advantage of the scale and economies offered by … Read more »

Navigating Security in the Age of the Breach at the Evanta CIO Executive Summit

Last month, I had the honor of moderating a panel of esteemed executives at the 2014 Evanta CIO Executive Summit in Chicago, Illinois. The topic for discussion was “Navigating Security in the Age of the Breach.” The panelists included Paul Martin, CVP & CIO Baxter International Inc., Preston Simons, VP, IT & CIO Abbott, and Marc Varner, CISO McDonald’s Corporation. The group discussed security strategies, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) … Read more »

Positive steps on the road towards harmonization of global cybersecurity risk management frameworks

Guest Blogger: Jan Neutze, Director of Cybersecurity Policy, Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA), Microsoft Around the world, governments are pursuing initiatives to protect their cyberspace, developing national cybersecurity strategies, considering information sharing incentives, and assessing baseline security protections. Two important initiatives with the potential to be impactful far beyond national borders have been unveiled in the European Union (EU) and the United States over the past two years. First, the U.S. government … Read more »

Dispatch from Delhi: Conference on Cyber Security and Cyber Governance

Angela McKay, Director of Cybersecurity Policy, delivers her keynote address with seated attendees: Dr. C. Raja Mohan, Head, Strategic Studies and Distinguished Fellow, ORF; Arvind Gupta, Deputy National Security Advisor, Government of India; and Samir Saran, Sr. Fellow & Vice President, ORF.

Guest Blogger: Aaron Kleiner Earlier this fall, I had the opportunity to visit India for the Observer Research Foundation’s (ORF) India Conference on Cyber Security and Cyber Governance, known informally as CyFy. Now in its second year, CyFy is an important opportunity to engage with cybersecurity and Internet governance experts from around the world. Microsoft was pleased to join the Netherlands in serving as the Event Partners for Cyfy. CyFy … Read more »

Proposed Cybersecurity Norms to Reduce Conflict in an Internet-dependent World

Escalation of cyber events and applicable legal frameworks

The Internet has by and large been a cause for good, driving economic growth across developed and emerging economies, connecting individuals and communities to previously unattainable services, and propelling innovation online, as well as offline. Today, all over the world public utilities, banks, and governments use the Internet, cloud services, and mobile technology to enhance their productivity. Unfortunately, the benefits of greater connectivity have also brought about increased information security … Read more »

From the Cloud Security Alliance Congress EMEA: How IP addresses associated with malware infected devices help protect Microsoft cloud customers


Recently, I delivered a keynote at the Cloud Security Alliance Congress EMEA in Rome, Italy. The speaker list at this conference was impressive and the attendees had great questions and diverse perspectives to share. During my keynote I talked about many different things related to security and privacy. One topic that garnered a lot of attention was how Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) tracks malware around the world and uses this … Read more »

New Version of BinScope Binary Analyzer

Advanced Security Notice

We are delighted to announce the general availability of a new version of the BinScope Binary Analyzer, Microsoft BinScope version 2014. BinScope is a tool used during the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) verification phase. It is available as a free download from the Microsoft Download Center here. BinScope was designed to help detect potential vulnerabilities that can be introduced into Binary files. The tests it implements examine application binary files … Read more »

New Report: Enhancing Cybersecurity with Big Data

Big data is creating profound business and social opportunities in every nearly field, enabling the discovery of previously hidden patterns and developing new insights to inform and guide decisions. At the same time, protecting the information of individuals and organizations from online threats remains an urgent priority so using big data tools and techniques to enhance cybersecurity is a natural development. For example, an organization might aggregate and analyze log … Read more »