Why do I have to update my email account information?

We’ve noticed comments from many of you asking why we want you to verify your Microsoft security information. We’d like to explain why verifying this information is important. To help protect your email account and your personal data, we ask everyone who has a Microsoft account to make sure that the security information associated with their account is correct and up to date. When your security information (like an alternate email address or phone number) is current, we can use it to verify your identity.

For example, if you forget your password or if someone else tries to take over your account, Microsoft uses your security details to help you get back into your account.

If you see a message asking you to update or verify your Microsoft account security information, you have seven days to do it. If you no longer have access to your security information, you will have to fill out a support request.

Get a quick overview of how to add security info to your account

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  1. Anonymous

    i am having a problem getting into my hotmail account – i have had to reset my password – through a verification process – i have received the emails pointing me to the webpage for resetting – but when i click i get

    there's a temporary problem

    There's a temporary problem with the service. Please try again. If you continue to get this message, try again later.

    i am going into day 3 with this – is there any way to recover my account – i use it daily and need to get into my emails

  2. Anonymous

    I tried to tell it that I can not use the phone to unlock it because that was my old cell phone number and it tells me I need password.

    I give my password and goes back to same screen with phone number.

    Who keeps their account info update? I do not and most likely many others do not as well. In eight years, I have gone thru three cell phone numbers. The one I used was from 8 years ago. I do not have that number any more.

    Please unlock my account I will pay you what ever you want up to reason amount just give me my account back so I get my emails than close my account with you.

  3. Anonymous

    by your security interuption you are jeopardizing my health as I have surgery scheduled and cannot communicate with my doctors or the hospitals.  This prevents me important information that is essential for me to stay alive.  I am 71 years old and cannot afford this tom-foolery.  If I complained to you that would be one thing but this is just an arbitrary thing that someone is doing to try to justify their job,  I don't like it and if I cannot gain access, I will go to Yahoo or Google or infact anyone who does not Jeopardize my life

  4. Anonymous

    you keep locking me out of my email saying you need more security.    i do not appreciate getting tapped every day or so for more security and i do nto have time to do the two day phone thing to get it aLL FIXED WHEN YOU MESSED IT UP!!!! i AM GOING BLIND, HAVE TWO FOSTER KIDS AND HAVE NO PATIENCE FOR THIS STUFF….. I AM MAD AND TIRED OF NOT HAVING SERCVICE WHEN IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE AVAILABLE WITHOUT ALL THE FUN AND GAMES

  5. Anonymous

    Why do you do this every three months though? It is very annoying? And when you send a code it has four digits yet you require a five digit code for it to work! This is very confusing!

  6. Anonymous

    I know my password. But I do not know my security code. The email that is there is my old AOL email that I got rid of over 12 years ago and got hotmail account. I forgot to change it. Now my account is temporary locked and I can not change it. I tried the support requested but it does not work.

    Would you please provide a telephone number to call a real person to talk about this? The computer and site are not my thing. I prefer to talk to a real person.

  7. Anonymous

    I see that I am not the only one having difficulties accessing my email.  Why are you requiring this nonsense?  I have followed your directions and I am getting no where. This started over a month ago and was supposed to be remedied by 8/24. Now it has started all over again and today I was required to receive a code, I typed it in and to no avail,. I cannot access my emails. Please remedy this situation or I will have to go with the aggravation of changing my email account altogether. It would be easier to speak with a representative, but I feel that even that will not solve this problem. This is something Microsoft is doing and not doing correctly. I am as fed up as the others who have left their comments.

  8. Anonymous

    I work from home and  I had already talked to someone about this and you were supposed to send me a code. Now I am locked out I have accounts through my email that I cannot get to.  This is so ridiculious. Get this straightened upsoon

  9. Anonymous

    I am attempting to log into my email account via a new computer and the single-use code is sending me into an endless verification loop.  The program recognizes my email account and already has a current phone number to send me the texts for the verification code.  Is there another way to authenticate the account or how do I break the loop?

  10. Anonymous


    Im trying to recover my hotmail account but this way is all most impossible.

    I have this account since 2002 maybe and I cant remember the majority of these things.

    Algo when on your web site when you ask me to verify my other email to receive the code I never get the code, and the email is correct.

    I could use the phone option but the problem is that i don’t use that number any more

    Can I get a special support to this ?

    thank you

  11. Anonymous

    I'm locked out of my account while I'm on vacation, When I ask you to text me a security code, you send me a four digit code.. When I enter it, it tells me I should be entering the seven digit code you sent me…you didn't send me a 7 digit code, you sent me a 4 digit code!! WTF is wrong with you people??? Eve, I think you need to get these problems straightened out!!

  12. Anonymous

    i can not get in to m e-mail it says i need to update security call this number 1-800-435-4178 i called he got into my computer says all these things are wrong with it going to cost me $199.00 i told this man i don't have $199.00 he told me don't call back till i do and hung up on me, i feel i have been hacked i don't know what to do from here i am trying to find a way to contact some one please help

  13. Anonymous

    I cannot get into my email. I keep getting the message that says I have to set up a code in case I have a problem getting into my account.. It says it is a security measure to protect my account.  I DO NOT WANT TO SET UP A CODE. PLEASE  stop blocking me from my email. account. Thank you.

  14. Anonymous

    I am trying to get microsoft to delete my hotmail account due to all added security measures. Does anyone know of anyone I can email or talk to about having this done?

  15. Anonymous

    i have purchased and paid for and it has long since but paid out of my checking account. must i research

    my bank statements. i moved and my new telephone no changed too as well as my address. since

    april 2014, i have paid a computer tech 60.00 and last mth 70.00. and all including my virus protection

    when it was due. april, may, june, july, august. and soon will be sept. and you keep saying i do not

    have virus protection. been purchasing virus protection every since i got this computer years ago. and my home

    phone that i had for about 20 years had to change because i live in another area. lived at my old address for

    1965 to sept 2011. lived at new address until april 1, 2014. i always purchased and update my security. had att

    telephone co out twice. why is it that you say i do not have security every time i try to use my computer.

    we are handicap and i do not use computer often. my sister plays game on it from time to time. i believe more

    than ten years and now all these problems since april 2014. is just too much. my telephone in april

    changed. i gave you that also, and i am being billed my att telephone co, and and they have been

    here twice since april and also on some things i like to do they say no connection but i am paying my

    att, bill every monthy. something got to give. look under my name (microsoft) and e-mail. ladyram62 and

    see if this can be worked out. do provide a phone no of who i can talked to. i do not want to

    pay for another visit to click computer or att co. and have my infomation messed up and distributed

    every where. thank ruth. august 27, 2014. wednesday. send e-mail. perhaps that will work. thank you

    seniors and handicapped. need to pay bills and all, etc.


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