Security, Transparency and Privacy

Last week my colleague, Matt Thomlinson, shared some important updates about Microsoft’s efforts to enhance protections for our customers’ data and to increase transparency regarding our engagements with governments around the world.

Matt, who is vice president for Trustworthy Computing Security, explained how we have expanded the use of encryption to increase security for customer emails and OneDrive accounts. Matt also discussed the launch of our first regional Transparency Center, which will enable participating governments to review source code for our key products and assure themselves of its integrity.

While these updates clearly demonstrate our efforts to increase the security of our customers’ data, they also illustrate our longstanding commitment to privacy, which has become increasingly important in today’s data-driven world.  Our customers expect us to manage their data responsibly, to ensure that privacy protections evolve along with technology, and to offer meaningful privacy choices. Ongoing security and transparency improvements are important complements to a comprehensive privacy program — even the best designed and implemented services can only protect customer data if they are deployed in a secured environment.

You can read more about how Microsoft helps to ensure the privacy and security of customer data in the cloud in our recent white paper, Protecting Data and Privacy in the Cloud, or at our Privacy website.

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Brendon Lynch

Chief Privacy Officer, Microsoft

Brendon Lynch is the Chief Privacy Officer of Microsoft Corp., where he is responsible for creating and implementing privacy policy across the company, and influencing the creation of privacy and data protection technologies for customers. Brendon also serves on the Read more »